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The film has been selected by a number of film festivals around the world.  Finally you can enjoy the film. You can watch it online or on DVD, either in NTSC or PAL format. Here are the link to Watch Online:

You can purchase a copy of DVD at the following links:

NTSC format is used in most of the Americas (except Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay), French Guiana, Myanmar, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and some Pacific island nations and territories.
  • For PAL format, click on 'Buy Now' button below.  Then click on 'Don't have a PayPal account?' unless you have a PayPal account to purchase the DVD with your credit card.
PAL format covers most of Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Chan Park
DIrector and Producer

Throughout, the film demonstrates the best that tango can be--fulfilling, contemplative, collaborative, spiritual, respectful, and enchanting.
- Ann Dobyns, Denver, USA

Oh wow - 'scuse the passion - but this is THE GREATEST TANGO FILM in 25 YEARS!
- SeaGoat under Sirius, London, UK

The film is a not miss for every beginning and experienced student of the dance.
- Carol Benak

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